The company


 TEMPUS JEWELLERY established in 1997. An innovative store in the center of Thessaloniki, the first store dedicated solely to wristwatches. The strategic location, at the corner of Mitropoleos str. and Mitropolitou Iosif str., the famous brands that soon found place in our windows and the will of the employees contributed to soon become a reference point in the city market.

In 2004, our group decided to invest in the success of the store and our experience. So, two more stores were born, the TEMPUS JEWELLERY in the center of the city opposite the Cathedral, on the corner of Agias Sofias str. and Metropolis str. and the TEMPUS JEWELLERY at the shopping mall MEDITERRANEAN COSMOS. The three stores, with common characteristics and specific features each, offer the clients full range of products and services such as jewelery with precious materials, diamonds, rings, watches from 60 different brands, and gifts for all occasions, such as pens, lighters and smoking accessories, key rings and cufflinks, jewelery cases and watches. Agias Sofias' store will encounter the biggest names in Swiss watchmaking, jewels from legendary brands, such as Damiani, gifts and accessories, as well as the most complete collection of Veroni and diamond jewelery in collaboration with Monopetro, a nationwide network of stores. Mitropoleos' store retains the exclusive nature of luxury watches, classic or fashion, or economically valuable and complete service, batterie replacement and watchbands service. At MEDITERRANEAN COSMOS we present exclusively all new innovative brands, which are the most fashionable proposals in jewelry, watches and lifestyle accessory.

 TEMPUS stores expressing the modern perception in the company-client relationship facing successfully the requirements of the Greek market, while looking forward for new challenges.

Our goal is not only to offer our customers selected top products from around the world. We treat our products as expressions of personality and human's feelings. People look forward to buy personal gifts, wedding and engagement gifts, business gifts and finally the reward of their own effort with the purchase of a valuable object for themeselves. We offer art, value and extraordinary beauty, for beautiful moments of our customers.